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You can view the obituary and visitation hours for those we serve at  Abts Mortuary LLC. If you don't see the name you are looking for, you may select a month and year and click Go, or you may enter the last name and click Search. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any needs you may have. Please click the "Send a Condolence" link at the bottom of the obituary to leave your message.

Frye, Bella 4/16/2014     Send Flowers
Kemp, Maxine 4/14/2014     Send Flowers
Thompson, Teresa 4/14/2014     Send Flowers
White, Kenneth 4/14/2014     Send Flowers
Ocon, Javier 4/10/2014     Send Flowers
Mercer, Stephen 4/9/2014     Send Flowers
Sander, Cynthia 4/9/2014     Send Flowers
Hillen, Patricia 4/8/2014     Send Flowers
Guigelaar, Gary 4/7/2014     Send Flowers
Dykstra, Michael 4/4/2014     Send Flowers
Rossi, Florence 3/30/2014     Send Flowers
American Veteran Brandon, John 3/24/2014     Send Flowers
American Veteran Morgan, William (Bill) 3/24/2014     Send Flowers
American Veteran Jason Sr., Ronald (Bushhog) 3/18/2014     Send Flowers
DeYoung, Eleanor 3/15/2014     Send Flowers
American Veteran Freed, Russell 3/15/2014     Send Flowers
Routt, Randy 3/14/2014     Send Flowers
Simpson, Lynne 3/14/2014     Send Flowers
American Veteran Bergman, Henry 3/13/2014     Send Flowers
Coats Schwartz, Shireen 3/13/2014     Send Flowers
Dixon, Mabel 3/13/2014     Send Flowers
Kilpatrick, Shannon 3/13/2014     Send Flowers
Moore, Jason 3/10/2014     Send Flowers
O'Keefe, Donna 3/1/2014     Send Flowers
Whitmer, Clyde (Satch) 3/1/2014     Send Flowers

 - American Veterans


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